With the shifting demographics towards older age there is a major concern for age-related disorders. 90% of individuals dying each year are due to age-related causes. Understanding the genome, epigenome and proteome between healthy and diseased state of these individuals pave a way for unravelling bio-markers for early diagnosis and/or therapeutics for various diseases. Our goal is to find these underlying players that change the micro-environmental niche differently in a diseased state during the developmental process of aging and hence are responsible for these age related-disorders.


We are currently focusing on understanding the pathomechanism of two neurodegenerative eye disorders (Glaucoma and Corneal Endothelial Dystrophies) as well as Cancer using a pleothora of cellular, biochemical, genetics, genomics and molecular biology techniques involving human samples, Drosophila models as well as in vitro cell lines. 


Phone (O) :+91-674-2494204 (Office); +91-674-2494203 (Lab)
E-mail : debasmita@niser.ac.in

School of Biological Sciences, Room #222, Lab #223

National Institute of Science Education and Research

PO- Bhimpur-Padanpur, Via- Jatni, District:- Khurda, Odisha

PIN- 752050

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